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It became the headquarters of the reinstated Nova Corps and is named after their former homeworld Xandar2 12 appearances of Spirit of Xandar. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 sees heroes and villains from across Marvel.

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This is a 100 guide for the Xandar area of Chronopolis in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.

Xandar marvel. Diamondhead still an unrepentant villain at heart betrayed the Xandarians to the Skrulls resulting in the death of Crimebuster and the penetration of Xandars defenses by a Skrull army. Xandar would come to conflict again with the Skrull Empire in the Xandarian-Skrull War. 1 History 2 See Also 3 Links and References 31 Footnotes The Spirit of Xandar better known as the Rock2 and designated Nova Outpost Wheeler-Delta1 was an asteroid located in the Andromeda II Galaxy3 between the Shiar Galaxy and the Milky Way.

Xandar would be finally destroyed by the space pirate Nebula. The Skrull-Xandar war was a long bloody conflict that eventually exposed a traitor within the Champions. 1 Background 2 Massacre 3 Aftermath 4 References As he planned to gather all six Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the.

Thanos arrived on Xandar where he proceeded to wipe out half of the Xandarians and obtained the Stone which had been under protection by the Nova Corps. The Nova Corps joined by the Yondu Ravager Clan launched a. Xandar was a member of the Future Foundation in the distant future in the year 3141592653.

Se encuentra localizado en la Galaxia de Andrómeda y órbita alrededor de tres soles. The other superhumans except Doctor Sun enlisted in the war against the Skrulls to pick up where the Fantastic Four left off becoming known as the Champions of Xandar. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki Guide.

1 Historia 2 Trivia 3 Referencias 4 Enlaces externos Los Kree de Hala intentaron atacar Xandar durante su guerra con su gente sin embargo en 2014 se llegó a un acuerdo de paz con el Imperio Kree. They were visited by the Future Foundation of the Prime Marvel Universe when a spatial anomaly opened between their times. The Massacre of the Xandarians was an immense slaughter orchestrated by Thanos to obtain the Power Stone.

The world primarily serves as the capital of the Nova Corps an. Most all of the Xandarian people were eridicated. Marvel Cinematic Universe Earth-199999 Xandar acts as the capital of the Nova Empire and the headquarters of the Nova Corps.

Its government is a stratocracy ruled over by Nova Prime. Xandar is a home to thriving diverse technologically advanced and socially liberal population. Xandar is the homeworld of the Xandarians and the capital of the Nova Empire and headquarters of the Nova Corps.

1 appearances of Xandar Earth-12268 2 images of Xandar Earth-12268 Links and References Footnotes. 1 History 11 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Notable Locations 3 Notable Residents 4 Appearances 5 Gallery 51 Guardians of the Galaxy 511 Concept Art Thanos brokered a deal with his old ally Ronan of the Kree promising to lend a fraction of his forces in a genocide against the. Xandar appears to be predominately covered by oceans.

Xandar es el planeta nativo de los Xandarianos que es también el hogar de muchas otras especies. Tiering System4-A NameNu-Xandar OriginMarvel Comics GenderMale AgeBillions of years old ClassificationFusion of Ego the Living Planet and the Xandarian Worldmind Powers and AbilitiesSuperhuman Physical CharacteristicsFlightandSpaceflightLarge SizeType 5 Is 6664 km in diameterCosmic AwarenessEnergy ProjectionPhysics ManipulationGravity ManipulationMade it. The Sphinx sought to use the information in Xandars computers for himself and soon left Xandar once he extracted what he wanted with the Fantastic Four in pursuit.

Xandar is a planet home to not only the Xandarians but countless other alien species. This shows the location for all of the main quests puzzles and races. The Battle of Xandar also known as the War of Xandar2 was the height of the Kree-Nova War when Ronan the Accuser fueled by rage and resentfulness at the Kree-Nova peace treaty and his personal hatred against the Nova Empire launched a blitzkrieg attempt by using his entire army of Sakaarans to bomb the planets homeworld.

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