Was The Easter Bunny Evil

So to celebrate the only holiday surrounding a magically evil rabbit we here at CGM. What is important is our focus.

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Discovery Channel the Internet started preaching a while back that the Easter Bunny was some kind of pagan demon-rabbit left over from the pre-Christian days.

Was the easter bunny evil. And you just know he has an equally evil laugh to rival those sinister eyes and sharp teeth. If this doesnt convince you that the easter bunny is evil then I dont know what will. Another interesting fact the Easter bunny is representing a religious holiday though he is not mentioned in the Bible.

Chocolate that used to be something thats bitter and drunk became something that was sweetened and turned into a confectionery treat Professor Cusack said. Then Evangelical Protestants pretty quickly jumped on the bandwagon choosing to throw the Easter Bunny and his festive eggs on the sometimes proverbial evil-burnin fire along with Harry Potter books and joy. It was originally called the Osterhase or Oschter Haws and it came to houses to judge whether or not children had been good or bad that year.

Leporiphobia is fear of the evil bunnies and if you are one of the youngsters depicted below chances are you have it. Bunnies are NOT cute and cuddly creatures. Does God not accept the Easter Bunny as a good bunny and believe he should go to Hell.

Evil Easter Bunny and Innocent Child Here we are in 2020 and chances are there will be little to no Easter bunny photos this year because of shelter in place and quarantine thing. The earliest evidence of a more modern Easter Bunny dates back to the 1600s when its first mentioned in German writings reports Mental Floss. The Evil Easter Bunnyalso known as Auster Bornny is the main antagonist of the Puppet Pals video The Easter Special.

This bunnys eyes say it all. He is similar to Saint Prickolas who is also known as Evil Santa as they both hate holidays Christmas for Evil Santa and. Annie was awake thinking about the bunny until she heard a sound and she went downstairs and she saw the bunny.

Dont let those fluffy Easter Bunny videos fool you. The Easter Bunny itself came from Germany and was basically the springtime Santa Claus. There must be some sort of nefarious angle to the Easter Bunny.

He is the evil counterpart of the Easter Bunny. Look on for fifteen of the creepiest Easter Bunny pictures ever captured. Big confectionery companies like Cadbury in England started manufacturing chocolate eggs.

Pure evil we tell ya. Hase means hare not rabbit and in Northwest European folklore the Easter Bunny indeed is a hare. This rabbit called Oschter Haws or Easter hare.

For in spring the Easter Bunny always sleeps And from this time forward All Easter eggs shall be colored The shade of mud and new concrete Instead of chocolate bunnies and chicks I commission the candy sculptors To make tarantulas and octopuses And I hereby declare An end to Easter bonnets From now on there will only be Easter galoshes. On the eggs it said warning these eggs make you fart Ha ha ha ha said the bunny evily. That night the bunny gave out the Easter eggs.

13 Disturbingly Evil Easter Bunnies. You can always order a bunny costume on Amazon or just enjoy these evil Easter Bunny images that we share every year. Apr 25 2017 – Evil Easter Bunnies.

He has is an evil killer bunny using Easter as a disguise. There is nothing essentially evil about the Easter bunny. History Channel and its ilk ie.

The first edible Easter bunnies made from sugared pastry were made in Germany in the 19th century. That name as found by Layard on the Assyrian monuments is Ishtar the devil or Satan. I was trying to get passed this Easter holiday without writing a post like this.

According to the legend only good children received gifts of colored eggs in the nests that they made in their caps and bonnets before Easter. See more ideas about creepy scary easter. Easter is nothing else than Astarte one of the titles of Beltis the queen of heaven whose name as pronounced by the people at Nineveh was evidently identical with that now in common use today.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test. It only makes sense. After all there is no need for me to subject you to my unusual ways.

Easter should be a time to reflect upon and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Ive already written about how clowns especially Ronald McDonald freak me out. Hey dont roll your eyes.

Today in Minecraft we meet the Easter Bunny only to find out he isnt so fluffy and cute. On Halloween even the Easter bunny can transform into an evil beast. Surely the bunny is evil.

If our focus is on Christ and not the Easter bunny our children will understand that like Santa Claus the Easter bunny is merely a symbol. The first house he went to was Annies house.

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