Thanos On Titan

Thanos suggested to kill half of the population so the other half could live but a random. Thanos then returned to his home world of Titan to confront the combined forces of Iron Man Doctor Strange Spider-Man and members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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This is relatively strong evidence that on Titan Thanos was playing around with the heroes and even if they pulled off the tricks like Mantis sleep ability Thanos would have just taken the gloves off.

Thanos on titan. Thanos was a genocidal warlord from Titan whose own main objective was to bring stability to the universe by wiping out half of all life at every level as he believed its massive population would inevitably use up the universes entire supply of resources and condemn this. Had Quill not done what he did on Titan Thanos might have possibly killed all the Avengers present there on the spot. Infinity War 2018 Thanos vs Avengers Titan Confrontation Scene IMAX 4K Ultra HDHello My n.

The Titans were a race that had evolved on Titan. Joined by an escaped Nebula the heroes nearly managed to subdue Thanos and take the Gauntlet from him but Star-Lords despair and anger upon learning of Gamoras murder disrupted their efforts. Thanos was a member of this race and due to his severe deformities he was considered an anomaly by the Titan society and grew up as an outcast.

However the people soon began suffering from overpopulation causing a scarcity of natural resources and there wasnt enough food to feed everyone. Thanos is believed to be born around 1000 years ago in the MCUs timeline. They were a technologically advanced race and seemed to live in peace.

In the world of Marvel Comics Thanos differs physically from other Titans because he carries the gene of the Deviants the cousin race of The Eternals. Thanos knows that these beings are competent enough to defeat one of his underlings but not powerful enough to stop the underling from taking the stone in the first place. Let us get it straight Stephen Strange saw 14000605 possible futures out of which it was only one where the Avengers succeed.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Earth-199999 The Titans lived peacefuly on the paradise-like planet Titan. Thanos destroys Titans moon. He is the son of ALars a powerful member of the Titans potential offshoots of Eternals according to Red Skull in Avengers.

In fact it prevented things from getting even worse at the Mad Titans hands. Despite this Thanos loved his people unconditionally. Being the only ones to dodge the debris Strange and Iron Man engaged Thanos.

Using the Power and Space Stones Thanos ripped apart Titans moon and sent it hurtling at his foes effectively separating his enemies. Having become freed from his trance Thanos attacked the Avengers and the Guardians knocking them down with a powerful shockwave from the Gauntlet. Thanos Childhood on Titan.

So he has a good idea of how. Thanos experiences growing up and being prejudiced against by other Titans because of his looks are a key element of his backstory in the comic books but Infinity War doesnt touch explicitly on that aspect of his history. Overpopulation and Near Extinction.

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