Thanos Is Right

Other than being a mindless killing machine He is more like an intelligent Philosopher working for the good of the population. The MCU gets this completely right about Thanos.

Excuse Me Thanos Who Gave U The Right To Do This Huh Who Marvel Marvel Superheroes Marvel Comic Universe

First this isnt a one time solution to his issue.

Thanos is right. Thanos strategy would fail because of the speed at which world population increases. This is a friendly article justifying the ideology of Thanos. Thanos is absolutely wrong on several levels.

Thanos was wrong on so many levels. In Endgame cities are distinctly quieter vehicles have been abandoned and stadiums and landmarks are desertedAnd among the new footage is Steve Rogers. Cutting that in half takes us to 4 billion.

Thanos is a mass murderer who believes his actions are a necessary evil that are required to achieve a greater good. 5261 points 87 comments – Thanos is Right. Cap tells Natasha that when he was out for a walk the water at the docks were much cleaner because there were less boats.

Thanos believes in himself and the righteousness of his cause. But the greatest fault of Thanos is his arrogance. Lets say population increases by 1 per year its faster than this but bear with me.

In his own mind hes not a. Hes a murderous maniac in a lot of ways and I think there should be a different solution to the scarceness of resources and the effects of overpopulation especially on a galactic scale as opposed to just on Earth but he is right that there are a lot of people going hungry and not enough shelter or money to go around. With a 1 per year increase it would take 100 years to double the worlds population.

– 9GAG has the best funny pics gifs videos gaming anime manga movie tv cosplay sport food memes cute fail wtf photos on the internet. One of the main reasons that Thanos went around to different worlds decimating half the population is because he believed that overpopulation was. Thanos in the comics is completely and totally sure of himself and his goals.

Endgame Super Bowl trailer gave fans their first real look at the world after Thanos snap where the Mad Titan erased half of all life in the universe. Over population is not a problem lack of resources are. His rationale seems to make sense if we consider our own planet.

With that in mind was Thanos actually right. An end to suffering. This is a replica of the thanos.

Shop THANOS IS RIGHT marvel t-shirts designed by Grindilkin as well as other marvel merchandise at TeePublic. Yes Thanos was right all along. Since the Industrial Revolution the world population has grown rapidly.

Using Earth and humans as the model were at nearly 8 billion people. Thanos was right if you believe in ethnic cleansing and genocide and your idea of love is a disposable symbol of your warped ideals. Thanos is NOT in the right.

Is Thanos right about overpopulation. Lets start with a naive conclusion. Endgame will show that Thanos was right – to a pointThe Avengers.

Is Thanos right. Check out WISECRACK httpsgooglVKGvs7Watch PREDICTING Avengers 4 httpsgoogl2iwTEQIs Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk. Thanos can rationalize every decision hes ever made every atrocity hes ever committed.

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Snap Google trick is an interactive Easter egg originally created by Google but it is no longer working since 2020. Beyond all his fallacies his quest of reshaping the universe is only about himself. As he explains to Gamora Thanos believes he is the only one who understands what must be done and he refuses to leave the self-absorbed mindset that only he could be right.

We were at 4 b. I am seriously surprised by the number of people that seem to think that Thanos was right but his methods were wrong. His whole purpose was to rid all planets of the impending doom that the issue of overpopulation brings us.

In Endgame we see quite a bit. Now we do not support this idea and we do not stand with mass genocide.

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