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Having them acknowledge he was one of them could be interesting. Starfox is often portrayed as a hero and has had major storylines with his brother She-Hulk and Captain Mar-Vell as well as being part of the Avengers.

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Starfox is Thanos brother and he couldnt be further removed from the Mad Titan.

Thanos brother. During this assault Thanos killed and dissected Sui-San trying to learn why he was born different. In the Comics he has a brother named Eros alias Starfox ErosStarfox has the ability to manipulate emotions. Endgame but the shadow of the Mad Titan will still continue to be felt in the MCU.

In the comics Thanos death in Infinity Wars even caused Starfox to form the team known as the Dark Guardians. With Starfox having worked with so many characters his introduction could mean big things for the cosmic branch of the MCU. The rumour comes after journalist Justin Kroll referred to Dont Worry Darling as Harrys first acting gig since Dunkirk and podcast host Kris Tapley tweeted.

I could see Thanos getting a mention in Eternals. Believe it or not Thanoss younger brother Eros is arguably even more dangerous than the Mad Titan himself. Not to mention this would draw even more of a connection to two of their biggest box office successes.

In a new set of solicitations and pieces of cover art released earlier this week it was revealed Thanos brother Eros will be getting a new uniform. The Marvel character Starfox whose real name is Eros is the brother of Thanos both of whom are Eternals and whose father is the wise Eternal. Theres his bookish father Alars his tormented mother Sui-San and his brother the alluring Eros who served the Avengers as the hero Starfox.

In the comics hes depicted as human-like without the purple skin and testicular creases that scar the. Thanos is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel universe – even without the Infinity Stones – and apparently danger runs in the family. Eros eventually left Titan and became Starfox a member of the Avengers.

They then go to Mistress Deaths Realms where they witness Thanos absorbing Death itself. With Marvels upcoming film Eternals premiering next year the idea of Starfox swashbuckling Eternal and brother of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ultimate villain Thanos appearing in the film is a real. Even if you dont use Starfox you could always use Thanoss father Mentor.

Yesterday Sep 15 Bounding Into Comics reported that Harry Styles is rumoured to be playing Thanos brother Starfox in a new Marvel movie. Obviously as Conrad says in his report the fact that Starfox is the brother of Thanos would be one way of reminding audiences of Marvel Studios most successful villain. The youngest son of Mentor and Sui-San Eros had the natural ability to excite pleasure in others but his power had no effect upon his mutant older brother Thanos who worshiped the cosmic embodiment of Death and led an army against Titan.

WHAT THIS MEANS. Thanos looked Loki straight in the eye before turning to Thor who watched on in horror as his brother was unable to free himself. Only when Thanos launched his first major attack against Titan an attack that left their mother Sui-San dead did Eros begin to take life a bit more seriously.

In a mid-credits scene in The Avengers we find out he was the one who provided Thors nasty brother Loki with the army Loki used to invade Earth. Thanos also had a contentious relationship with his brother. In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2019 6 it was revealed that Thanos mercy wasnt born out of any familial love.

Eros grew up to be a fun-loving carefree womanizer in contrast to his brother Thanos a power-hungry misanthropic schemer. Although the two brothers found themselves on opposite sides Thanos always let Eros live. Instead he had a copy of his own mind hidden in Eros brain as a failsafe in case Thanos.

Second if were counting the Marvel movie no one knows hes in. The YouTuber Just write described Thanos as wanting to be everyones dad so exploring Thanoss family could be interesting. As destructive as Thanos is his brother Eros aka Starfox is a swashbuckling adventurer who inspired human myths of the god of love.

Thanos mightve been killed twice over in fact in Avengers. As Thanos turned back to his victim Loki told him that he would never be a god which Thanos responded to by simply crushing Lokis throat. Additionally both Eros and Thanos have a paternal cousin named AzuraThena The following is a family tree I made and it combines elem.

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