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Sentry was one of the worlds most tragic heroes but he had a sidekick whose story eclipsed the tragedy of his great mentor. When Bob was first introduced in 2000s Sentry 1 by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee his past was a mystery and it seemed that there wasnt a single person in the world who remembered him.

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Earth-14154 Marvel Adventures.

Sentry avenger. Ragnarok is going to loosely adapt Planet Hulk. The darkness was the doing of a being called The Void–basically an evil mirror image contained within The Sentry. The Sentry is the strongest Avenger whose laundry list of incredible abilities make him a serious threat to whoever hes facing.

Infinity War Sentry could be brought in upon Hulks. But as dark thought and tendencies grew within The Sentry the other heroes eventually learned the truth. Sentry is said to have the power of a million exploding suns which basically makes him Marvels version of Superman.

The group was suddenly attacked by the Void. Before he turned bad The Sentry fought as an Avenger on the side of good even using his godlike abilities and gifts to support Iron Man during the superhero Civil War. Bruce Banners alter ego is.

The Most Powerful Avenger Is ALSO Marvels Strongest Super-Soldier. The Verifier Sentry is a versatile Android-based handheld platform designed for a range. The Forgotten Avengers Strengths.

The Strongest Avengers Sidekick Is Even More Tragic Than Him. When I use my powers of a million exploding suns I unleash the Void. Sentry became a respected superhero by civilians and other heroes and is considered one of the most powerful.

However he was forgotten by the Marvel Universe. The Sentry although appearing in modern times was retconned into Silver Age Marvel. The most powerful member of Earths Mightiest Heroes the Avengers was created by way of a serum making him Marvels strongest Super-Soldier.

Most pertinently however is the fact that there is precedent in the comic books for the Sentry being very useful in the Microverse – which is essentially the comics version of. After Sentry enters play under your control deal yourself 1 encounter card. Resurfacing as Robert Reynolds at his home the Sentry was again confronted by the Avengers and SHIELD along with the Inhumans and the X-Men.

Earth-20051 Norman Osborn won Siege. Combining forensic-quality fingerprint stand-off dual iris capture high resolution facial and evidence imaging and multiple format credential reading the SEEK Avenger delivers a lighter smarter and faster solution. The Green Goblin Stole the Infinity Gauntlet.

Every superhero has an origin story and the Sentry is no exception. The Sentry first debuted in The Sentry 1 by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee. In terms of how Sentry could fit in again purely speculative but Thor.

Earth-21119 Sentry attended Agoraphobics Anonymous. The Sentry real name Robert Bob Reynolds is a fictional character and superhero in Marvel Comics and its universe. He rubbed shoulders with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers teamed up with the original X-Men and had a calming effect on the bestial Hulk.

Even when matched up against a literal god the Sentry has come out on top – as he once ripped Ares in half after his bad side started to show. Bob Reynolds aka the Sentry is one of the most powerful heroes ever seen in the Marvel Universe. Some superheroes get their powers from alien planets or.

The Hulk often boasts that hes the strongest one there is Even so the Green Goliath has plenty of competition for the title of strongest Avenger. He attacks the world every time I try to save it Hulk 12. He cried saying that he had warned them of the Voids coming and that it was now too late.

Dark Avengers The Sentry Dr. The Sentry has been one of Earths most powerful superheroes since the start of the age of heroes. Originally a meth addict Reynolds consumed the Golden Sentry Serum a serum to replicate and be better than the Super Soldier Serum and gained superhuman powers.

HID Crossmatch Verifier Sentry. Doom Morgana Le Fay Norman Osborn Ares Emma Frost Namor Molecule Man The Void CMV Marvel Comics Downfall-Trust Company. Robert along with the help of Emma Frost discovered that.

The difference is that Sentry is a lot more mentally unstable than the Man of Steel which makes him hesitant to unleash the full extent of his powers. The Hulks toughest competitor might just be the Golden Avenger the Sentry.

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