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He simply found a picture of a huge guy Arnold it would seem and basically traced the vast majority only changing the parts he needed for his pose without taking into account what his changes would do to the shape of the body he was copying. By Eammon Jacobs on March 26 2020.

Steve Rogers As Captain America By Rob Liefeld The Marvel Project Captain America Marvel Rob Liefeld

Please enjoy this terrible art.

Rob liefeld captain america. I geniunely feel these are mistakes. There he acquired the rights to a Jack Kirby character called Fighting American who Jack created with Joe Simon in the 50s as an American Cold Warrior. This is the worst art Rob Liefeld ever to be seen in a Captain America comic.

Rob youre drawing Captain America 1 Rob. There are far worse artists believe me. This is an abomination.

BossLogic Turns Chris Evans Into Rob Liefelds Infamous Captain America. AMERICA he founded a co. 13-issue cancelled series written by Rob Liefeld James Robinson and Jeph Loeb part of the Heroes Reborn event.

He has no awareness of anatomy or musculature. I cant imagine a character more mismatched for Liefelds. His art has been mocked criticized and parodied for a long time but his take on Captain America during the Heroes Reborn debacle is some of his worst material.

In 1996 Marvel killed off The Avengers and the Fantastic Four while in reality sending the heroes to another reality where two of Marvels hottest artists from the early 1990s Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld were each given control of half of the canceled books as part of a project called Heroes Reborn Lee got Fantastic Four and Iron Man and Liefeld got Captain America and The Avengers. I hear tell that Marvel cancelled Captain America vol. When his Captain America series was poorly received Marvel Comics ended up canceling it so Rob Liefeld decided to create a new character Agent America.

After Liefeld was axed by Marvel for his pathetic job on volume 2 CAPT. In 1996 Rob was hired by Marvel to revamp Captain America and The Avengers with Rob himself taking over the art on the Captain America book. Comic book fans will certainly remember Rob.

He contacted Joe Simon and Jack Kirbys estate and after some negotiations and an attempt at creating a third character named Agent America he was eventually able to negotiate a deal to license Fighting American. A one act play. Click to embiggen smaller images.

I hear tell that Marvel cancelled Captain America vol. Recently artist BossLogic combined Chris Evans Captain America with Liefelds in. Captain America 1996 Series.

Longtime comic creator Rob Liefelds infamous take on Captain America depicts the hero with a chest bulged out to unnatural proportions even by comic book standards. The 40 spot is a catch-all for any time Rob Liefeld has ever drawn a woman We get more specific from here but if we didnt lump these together the entire list would be broken spines and colossal hooters. This is the worst art Rob Liefeld ever to be seen in a Captain America comic.

1 in order to let Rob Liefeld take over the character. Some may disagree with me however I think Rob LieFeld may be a good artist and I intend to prove it. In 1996 Liefeld returned to Marvel to reboot Captain America in the Heroes Reborn universe.

1 in order to let Rob Liefeld take over the character. Posted on April 13 2016. This is one of the most famous images by Rob Liefeld.

Artist BossLogic has recreated comic book creator Rob Liefelds artwork and applied it to Chris Evans with disturbing results. Rob Liefeld is a controversial figure as he made a lot of money in the 1990s due to his comic book art but that doesnt mean that art was good. November 1996 – November 1997.

Psheww pshewww makes rubber ducky sink battleship. I think Liefeld leaves this series a few issues in. Any ideas for the cover.

Jan 2 2013 cable marvel captain america deadpool liefeld. Starred Captain America on the Earth of Heroes Reborn Steve Rogers seems to have found the life of his dreams but its up to Nick Fury and the Falcon to awaken him to his role of Captain America. This is what a woman looks like to Rob Liefeld.

This is a travesty. After leaving his mark on the Marvel Universe with the introductions of Cable Deadpool Domino and X-Force he left Marvel with several other creators to co-found Image Comics. Joe Simon threatened to sue Liefeld over Agent America.

When Liefeld left Captain America earlier than expected he still had some stories left to tell. Working with writer Jeph Loeb Liefeld revamped Captain America. All images are copyright Rob Liefeld because who else would willingly admit they drew this stuff.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld joked about his infamous design of Captain America using fan art featuring Chris Evans. People like to use Rob Liefeld as a punching bag but let me tell you. Throughout the 90s Rob Liefeld was one of the biggest artists in comic books.

It shows me that Liefeld is STILL a shit artist. And Id be remiss if I didnt take this opportunity to post this infamous early promo drawing that Rob did of the character. This is an abomination.

That Captain America Image By Rob Liefeld. Marvel Comics actually did sue him but they ended up allowing him to use the character but he cant draw him doing things like throwing his shield as that is too clearly a rip-off of Captain America.

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