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1 History 11 Origins 12 Lake of Fire 13 Deadly Knights 2 Powers and Abilities 21 Abilities Billy Russo seemingly had a similar history as his. Dominic West as Jigsaw in Punisher.

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Year One however that his origin was finally told.

Jigsaw punisher. Hes introduced when The Punisher endeavours to take out a bunch of gangsters attending a mob dinner. 1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons. Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles.

However a big exception to this rule has been Billy Russo AKA the man called Jigsaw who easily ranks among Frank Castles most persistent and deadly comic book enemies. Billy Russoti better known as Jigsaw or Billy the Beau is the main antagonist in the 2008 action film Punisher. The Punisher Villain Explained – YouTube.

Prior to this Billy was a US marine under the command of William Rawlings and Ray Schoonover and was best friends with Frank until Frank found out about. Jigsaw a superb fighter and tactician marked by his heavily-scarred face spent the next decade bothering the wall crawler and Castle before jumping over to 1986s The Punisher series. Jigsaw wass played by another British actor Dominic West in 2008 movie Punisher.

This version of Jigsaw hardly even looks like the same man who was dealt that brutal punishment as the season 1 finale saw Russos cheek torn apart and his entire face turned into a. It wasnt until The Punisher. He is a psychotic crime lord who earned his monniker due to the numerous horrific scars that have left his face a patchwork mess.

Jigsaw is the Punishers arch-nemesis as Punisher is determined to dismantle Jigsaws criminal operations. However after Madani had almost killed Dumont and critically wounded him Jigsaw met his fate as the Punisher tipped off by Curtis Hoyle found Jigsaw and swiftly executed him as revenge for all Russos past crimes. Punisher videogame Jigsaw appears as the main antagonist in the Punisher video game and serves as the final boss.

Blade films and TV series. He then becomes known as Jigsaw. He was portrayed by Dominic West.

But it was a slightly different take on the character with The Beaut now called Billy Russoti rather than Billy Russo. Jigsaw created by Len Wein and Ross Andru debuted in 1976s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 161 – 162. Who is Jigsaw the villain of Netflixs Punisher season 2.

Horse carriage Krakow Poland. Punisher XII10 – Jigsaw rode a motorcycle out to Punisher confronting him and he felt insulted when Punisher indicated that Zemo was the bigger threat. Most of The Punishers enemies for obvious reasons dont return to fight him again.

However he survived but it messed up his face. 1 Biography 11 First Confrontation with The Punisher 12 Freeing his Brother and Creating Army 13 Battle in the Hotel and Death 2. Billy Russoti – also known as Jigsaw – is an arch-enemy of the Punisher in Marvel Comics.

Jigsaw has remained a recurring player in the Punisher franchise ever since. Inside the Marvel Comics origins of Punisher villain Jigsaw aka Billy Russo. His real name is John Saint who originally Castle thought he killed him with a claymore.

Jigsaw found himself being tracked down by many of his past friends as he had attempted to fight back and destroy the Punisher through violence and manipulation. To get Punishers attention Jigsaw began dragging Sister Mercy on the ground behind his motorcycle. Hes also frequently clashed with Spider-Man even breaking the wallcrawlers arm.

The Punisher 2005 video game Earth-50116 Jigsaw Jameson. An accident disfigured his face resulting in a scarred face that vaguely resembles a jigsaw puzzle hence his supervillain codename. — Jigsaw src William Billy Russo AKA Jigsaw is the arch-nemesis of Marvels Punisher.

Earth-26320 John Saint.

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