Hulk Beats Thanos

Thats according to the films director who says Hulks reasoning means far bigger things for his role in the MCU going forward. Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel Universe whos often powered up by the Infinity Stones.

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During a question and answer session following a special screening of Avengers.

Hulk beats thanos. World Breaker Hulk emerged following the conclusion of Planet Hulk which led this Hulk back to Earth for the World War Hulk event. Endgame though couldve come down to when such a fight would take placeSmart Hulk never got a chance to fight Thanos after he used the Infinity Stones twice and sustained severe injuries. Then Thanos beats.

Getting thrashed by the GOTG Nova then tanking blasts from his son Thane who had the Phoenix Force the same son who previously killed h. The Hulk has been beaten by Thanos numerous times in the comic books. According to the Marvel Wikia Hulk has a higher level of durability than Thanos18 Sep 2015.

Hulks strength is beyond measure and can scale infinitely with his rage. Thanos is the Ghengis Kahn of the universe hes a very skilled fighter equally as strong. RagnarokHulks defeat at the start of the film was an important event starting Bruce Banner on his performance-issues character arc and leaving the Avengers a very important man down as Thanos gained all six Infinity Stones.

How does Thanos beat the Hulk. Hulks strength is beyond measure and can scale infinitely with his rage. Thanos bc he will win quickly.

Infinity War but his absence from the rest of the movie was NOT out of fear of Thanos as many fans assumed. Infinity War Hulk takes on Thanos and it does not go well for Hulk. This version of Hulk doesnt start out as powerful as MCU Hulk and can get knocked out like when the jet flew too high.

Thanos could certainly beat the Hulk when he isnt very angry. Regen doesnt prevent a ko. According to the Marvel Wikia Hulk has a higher level of durability than Thanos.

The Hulks potential to beat Thanos lies in his unbelievable strength. The Hulk shouldnt be ashamed hes struggled to beat Thanos single-handedly. His mere movements are enough to trigger earthquakes.

The outcome of a Smart Hulk and Thanos rematch in Avengers. He likely couldve defeated the weakened Mad Titan if a rematch occurred before Thor beheaded him. Hes beaten handily by the Mad Titan and its a bit of a surprise since Hulk is kind of undefeated everywhere he goes.

In the opening of Avengers. Few heroes have ever taken him on by themselves and come out victorious. Infinity War but is that only because the Green Goliath was recovering from an injury from previous MCU film Thor.

The Hulks potential to beat Thanos lies in his unbelievable strength. Will the Hulk Thanos go for round 2 in Avengers 4 EndGameAVENGERS MERCH. Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos.

This Hulks absurd level of strength demonstrably proved that he was the strongest character around. Do you think Hulk should have gotten his rematch in Avengers. INFINITY WAR Clip – Hulk Vs Thanos Fight 2018 4K Ultra HDWatch popular trailers NOW.

Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed whether Thanos beat Hulk. Hulk may have taken a beating in Avengers. The only other chance for Smart Hulk.

One thing to note about Thanos is because he dies regularly his power levels are all over the place eg. Thanos beat Hulk in Avengers.

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