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Delphyne Gorgon is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Gorgon in comics may refer to.

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Gorgon made a promise to himself that one day he would kill a god.

Gorgon marvel. Gorgon is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes. Gorgon slashed at Stonewalls torso but the latter eventually overpowered him by growing and using his added strength. Gorgon himself was attacked by the two heroes.

The enforcer of the Inhuman Royal Family thanks to the Terrigen Mists Gorgons mighty strength and powerful hooved legs unleash shockwaves on his foes. If ever an Inhuman is lost Gorgon will find them and bring them home. Gorgon was a scientist for the Soviet Union.

HttpbitlyWeO3YJWelcome to Marvel 101 where yo. Gorgon retreated to Japan and tried fighting Punisher using a magical Japanese sword. True to his name Gorgon is prone to turning innocent people into statues particularly women which he uses to decorate his palace.

However the radiation also increased his intelligence. He was sent to Earth to try to find his cousin Triton and was forced to remain on the planet when Maximus orchestrated a coup détat in Attilan. Gorgon Marvel 101.

Gorgon a DC Comics character and member of the Hybrids. Tomi was thirteen when he noticed what he was a Mutant. The alternate reality Kree warrior Marvel Boy revealed the Inhumans that a way to overcome this obstacle could result from a journey that started by visiting the ruins of Hala.

He is Black Bolts bodyguard and trainer of all Inhumans recently exposed to the Terrigen Mists. To regain her honor Gorgon planned to kill the Punisher who had been turned into a Frankenstein-like monster called Franken-Castle. She first appeared in Incredible Hercules 121 and was created by.

While on Earth Gorgon fought against his former subordinate Auran and decided to find his cousin. GorgonsRaceTomi ShishidoDelphyne GorgonGorgonGorgon Petragon CloneAge of ApocalypseEarth-295GorgonTomi Shishido ClonePrime Marvel UniverseEarth-616Gorgon PetragonHeroes RebornPrime Marvel UniverseEarth-616Gravesend GorgonPrime Marvel UniverseEarth-616Lady GorgonPrime Marvel. Gorgon Tomi Shishido a Marvel Comics supervillain.

Gorgon joined the exploration crew so to watch Medusas back. He was exposed to radiation which turned him into hideous monster. Earth-616 Alternate Reality Versions Television Video Games.

Gorgon Petragon is a member of the Inhuman Royal Family and the former head of the Attilan Royal Guard. During the journey Gorgon and Medusa demonstrated their latent romantic feelings for each other. As a member of the Inhuman royals and cousin to their leader Black Bolt Gorgon not only protects his family he defends their land Attilan from threats both foreignand familial.

Exposed to the Terrigen Mists Gorgon grew hooves and became bodyguard to the king. Boasting powerful hoof-like legs and acute combat prowess no one can stop Gorgon while he stands. Defeating Elektra easily and impaling Logan Gorgon went to kill the crippled head of SHIELD Nick Fury.

She hired three members of the Shaolin Scientist Squad to help her but they failed and Punisher killed two of them while Gorgon killed the remaining member so he didnt talk. Not much is known about the Gorgons early life. His eyes project an energy that turns whatever they hit to stone.

Gorgon is the cousin of Black Bolt and a member of the Inhuman Royal Family. He called himself Gorgon. He was stopped by Wolverine who he again easily defeated.

Stonewall later confronted Gorgon because of what the latter did to Yo-Yo. Gorgon Inhuman a Marvel Comics superhero. Gorgon real name Tomi Shishido is a Marvel Comics villain and Mutant who is frequently a foe to Wolverine and also a high-ranking member of Hydra and the Hand.

For years The Gorgon was a member of mutant death cult called The Dawn of White Light and subjected Japan by many terrorist attacks. This time however Gorgon tried to turn Wolverine to stone. When he took off his glasses Wolverine unsheathed his claws.

Gorgon was present with the rest of Hydras ruling council when the Secret Warriors invaded one of HAMMERs bases. A Gorgon member of the Amazon nation she is a love interest of Amadeus Cho. Gorgon was a brilliant scientist that worked for the Soviet Union.

Gorgon DC Comics a DC supervillain.

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