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Though hes usually depicted as a loner or a monster the Hulk was a founding. The Marvel Cinematic Universe set up a long detailed character arc for Mark Ruffalos Incredible Hulk through Avengers Age of Ultron Thor.

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However even though the title of this story gives away a major plot point if you still havent.

Endgame hulk. Hulk didnt want to come out to play in Infinity War but in Avengers. Mark Ruffalo gets to add a whole new dimension than Bruce Banner too. Besides the permanent loss of his arm Hulk is crushed under the Avengers facility when Thanos arrives from the past but Hulks snap works and Iron Man is able to sacrifice himself to defeat the Mad Titan.

This topic is locked from further discussion. Professor Hulk explains Time Travel – Scene HD – Avengers. Apparently due to the latest Spider-Man.

Original Hulk Is Dead Only Smart Hulk Exists in the MCU After Avengers. Endgame The introduction of Professor Hulk in Avengers. Watch this exclusive clip from Marvel Studios Avengers.

Endgame saw two snaps the first one by the Hulk who even though is stronger than Iron Man was the one who struggled the most heres why. The Russo Brothers confirm that the old Hulk is gone for good after the events of Avengers. He only has 1 solo movie to his name but his overall character arc is already at its end.

In the theatrical version of Endgame Starks closest friends gather around him while he takes his last breath except Hulk. Kevin Feige has explained how Smart Hulks snap did more than just bring billions if not trillions of living things back to the MCU. Endgame and see it again in theaters.

While characters like Hawkeye and Thor are set to return however Hulk is left in a tough spot. Hulk was definitely smaller in Endgame. The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in 2008 with Jon Favreaus Iron Man which introduced Robert Downey Jr.

With the distribution rights to the Hulk sitting with Universal Marvel Studios has opted to create a three-film character arc for the Hulk that runs through other films. Endgame has raised a number of questions among those fans unfamiliar with the original comics and has also raised some interesting possibilities for the future of Hulk in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ragnarok and now Infinity War Endgame.

Endgame and all of its spoilers. SPOILERS ahead for Avengers. EndgameThe fourth Avengers film acted as a sendoff for the original 6 team members.

As Tony Stark and set the tone for the rest of this connected universeAll movies led to a big team-up in Avengers. The Hulk has no substantial future in the MCU following Avengers. Endgame its a different story.

Far From Home trailer being released everyone is now free and clear to discuss Avengers. As Endgames third act kicks into gear Professor Hulk sometimes referred to in merchandising as Smart Hulk uses Tony Starks retrofitted Infinity Gauntlet to. Endgame adapts one of the most popular incarnations of the Hulk in Marvel Comics history which brings the Hulk and Bruce Banner personas into head-on collision and creating a new identity.

Those who were not killed off retired on their own terms.

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