Easter Rabbit Eggs Origins

Depending on the age of the observer Easter either celebrates the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ or the miracle of a bipedal rabbit hatching and hiding a litter of chocolate eggs. The goddess flies through the heavens surrounded by Roman-inspired putti beams of light and animals including a rabbit.

Here S Why Easter Is Celebrated With A Cute Bunny Bearing Chocolate Eggs Easter Bunny Origin Easter Bilby Easter

Germanic people look up at the goddess from the realm below.

Easter rabbit eggs origins. Though the true origins of these Easter symbols remains foggy weve outlined prevalent theories behind the Easter bunny and Easter eggs below. In the Middle ages In the early Christian calendar Eggs were forbidden for a while during Lent. Or the reason why bunnies lay eggs By Catherine Rose Easter is the celebration of Christs Resurrection but its annual tradition of a rabbit leaving chocolate eggs for children seems to be an idea out of the imagination of Lewis Carroll.

Egg rolling is also a traditional Easter egg game played with eggs at Easter. Public domain Modern bunnies. One theory is that the symbol of the rabbit stems from pagan tradition specifically the festival of Eostrea goddess of fertility.

This tradition was taken to the New World by European settlers. In England Germany and other countries children traditionally rolled eggs down hillsides at Easter. The Easter Rabbit or Easter Bunny is a symbol associated with Easter.

People were forbidden to eat during the season so they would eat the eggs on Easter Sunday as a celebration of the end of fasting. In ancient Europe particularly the Germanic region the rabbit hence Easter bunny was supposedly a symbol associated with Eostre or Ostara a fertility goddess who represented the beginning of Spring. Eggs laid during that time were often boiled or otherwise preserved.

It was started as a symbol of rolling away the stones of the tomb of Jesus many believe. The German tradition of the Easter bunny or Oschter Haws migrated to America in the 1700s accompanying German immigrants many of whom settled in Pennsylvania. Eggs were traditionally regarded as a symbol of new life and were consequently incorporated into many different festivals celebrating the coming of spring.

Like the Easter Bunny itself colorful eggs may also originate from pagan traditions. However the rabbits association is the result of its association with pre-Christian spring festivals. The origins of the Easter Bunny Some scholars maintain the Easter Bunny was born long before Christianity when pagan religions held festivals to honor Eostre sometimes called Eastre or Ostara the.

However the association between a rabbit and the resurrection of Jesus Christ appears tenuous at best and the Easter Bunny has been accused of having pagan origins. The bunny as an Easter symbol seems to have its origins in Germany where it was first mentioned in German writings in the 1500s. According to folklore the Easter Bunny hides Easter eggs for children to find on Easter morning.

And eggs have been used at Easter way back in Ancient Egypt Rome and Ancient Persia rooted in Ishtar 3when she was descending from the sky to the river Euphrates. The exact origins of the Easter bunny are clouded in mystery. Both rabbits and eggs have been a symbol of fertility since antiquity.

Unlike the Christian origins of the Easter egg the Easter bunny was first mentioned as the Easter hare in a German book from the 18th century. Eggs were also associated with the beginning of Spring fertility and renewal. The legend of the Easter bunny bringing eggs appears to have been brought to the United States by settlers from Germany.

The earliest reference to an egg-toting Easter Bunny can be found in a late 16th-century German text 1572. German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country in America during the 1700s introduced the Easter bunny to American folklore. Over the past 200 years the Easter bunny has become the most commercially recognized symbol of.

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